Safed Musli Powder



  • Common Name:

    Safed Musli Powder

    Botanical Name:

    Chlorophytum borivilianum



    Plant Parts Used:




    Color & Appearance:

    White Color

    Organic Certifications:

    USDA, EU, Halal, Kosher

    Country of Origin:


    Product Applications:

    Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Herbal Teas, Capsules & Tablets, Energy Bars, RTDs (ready to drink beverages)

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    Safed Musli Powder: Overview

    Safed Musli is a rare herb from India. It is used in traditional systems of medicine including Ayurveda, Unani, and homeopathy. Safed Musli is a rare Indian herb that is usually not found anywhere in the world, but it’s found growing wild in Indian forests. What's nicer is that with the advancement of modern technology, researchers are able to explore more and more ayurvedic benefits of Safed Musli. Safed Musli or White Musli is a wildly grown white-colored herb. It is often referred to as "White gold" or "Divya aushad". Safed Musli is used popularly to improve sexual performance and general overall health in both men and women. Safed Musli helps manage erectile dysfunction as well as stress-induced sexual problems. It also helps improve the quality as well as quantity of sperm due to its spermatogenic, anti-stress and antioxidant properties.

  • Uses and Benefits of Safed Musli Powder

    Safed Musli contains chemicals that might have effects in the body. Research in animals shows it might have anti-inflammatory effects. Animal research also shows that it might increase sexual activity and might possibly have effects similar to testosterone. Musli Tuberous Roots and Seeds are used for therapeutic purposes. The roots are most commonly used in ayurvedic aphrodisiac formulation. The most common formulation is Musli Pak. The Musli roots contain around 25 types of alkaloids, vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It also contains polysaccharides, resins, phenol, and mucilage content. The simple sugars like fructose, glucose, galactose, sucrose, xylose and mannose are also found in the Musli roots. It is commonly used for aphrodisiac and erectogenic effects. It is useful in the treatment of male weakness, physical debility, erectile dysfunction, oligospermia, nocturnal emission, etc.

    Improves libido: Safed Musli is a well-known aphrodisiac in traditional medicine. Studies suggest that increases testosterone levels in the body, which is a hormone responsible for a good sex drive in both men and women.

    Increases sperm count: Research studies indicate that white Musli consumption increases sperm count, semen levels and testosterone, through an unknown mechanism. In fact, Safed Musli is used in vajikarna therapy in Ayurveda to increase sexual vigor and ascertain a healthy offspring.

    Corrects erectile dysfunction: It has been ascertained that white Musli increases blood flow to penis by inhibiting a certain metabolic pathway in body. Not only does it improve erectile dysfunction but also it is believed to help in maintaining erection longer.

    Premature ejaculation management: As a stress-busting herb and an effective aphrodisiac, white Musli alleviates the most common causes of premature ejaculation. It also nourishes the body and balances mindleading to improved sexual performance.

    Beneficial for women health: Safed Musli is an effective adaptogen, it reduces stress and improves sexual vigor in females. It has also been found to regulate hormonal imbalance and regularize menstrual cycle.

    Helps in diabetes management: Studies done in India claim Safed Musli to be an excellent anti-diabetic herb. However, according to ayurvedic physicians, dosage plays an important role in its hypoglycemic (reducing blood sugar) action. So, it is best to check in with a doctor to know more.

    Heart-friendly herb: White Musli has been found to possess potent hypolipidemic properties. It reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems like atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.

    Relieves arthritic symptoms: Being an anti-inflammatory agent, safed Musli provides respite from joint pain and swelling associated with arthritis. According to Ayurveda, safed Musli increases synovial fluid in joints, providing the necessary cushion to your bones and reducing wear and tear.

    Good for nursing mothers: Safed Musli is known to increase breastmilk production in nursing mothers. It also nourishes their bodies, preventing postnatal deficiencies and restoring health after childbirth.

    Promotes weight gain: Safed Musli is a nutritive and stress-busting herb, which makes an important part of bodybuilding supplements. It promotes muscle building and tissue repair, thereby facilitating weight gain.

    Boosts immune function: It has been scientifically proven that Safed Musli is an excellent immunomodulator. This means that it improves the overall immune function, thus keeping your disease and infection away.

    Provides soft and supple skin: According to research studies, Safed Musli polysaccharides promote skin health. The herb itself has been found to have a hydrating and nourishing effect on skin, making you look younger and refreshed.

    Boosts Immunity:It has been scientifically proven that Safed Musli improves the body’s immunity and makes it stronger. With an enhanced immune system, the body can fight diseases and be strong. Safed Musli boosts your overall health and combats general weakness by instilling more vitality.

    Treats Oral Infections:Ayurveda has explained the power or Safed Musli in treating oral infections. The root powder of Safed Musli can be deep fried in clarified butter (ghee) and consumed to alleviate throat and mouth infections.

    Treats Diarrhoea:One of the benefits of Safed Musli is its role concerning digestive issues such as diarrhoea and dysentery. They can be effectively tackled by consumption of Safed Musli. Even babies can be given a small dosage of Safed Musli to cure diarrhoea.

    A Great Antioxidant:Safed Musli is said to be a great antioxidant which flushes out the toxins from the body. It eliminates free radicals from the body, thus making it healthier. This also helps you in releasing stress and treating oxidative stress-related disarrays.

    Helps in Losing Weight:Consuming Safed Musli can prove to be very helpful if you want to lose weight. It keeps the digestive system functioning properly and enhances metabolism. It also provides strength to the body and helps you get rid of fatigue and tiredness.

  • Consistency: All of our products are created using the same extraction process in the same facility, which creates consistency. This ensures that you will receive a product that’s always reliable and effective.

    Organic Farming: We hold ourselves to rigorous farming standards — it’s not necessarily cheaper or easier, but it’s what’s right. Majority of our nutrient rich products are grown in our own organic farms under strict USDA guidelines, which enables full control over consistency and quality. Our farms, processing and trading are certified under NOP & NPOP standards.

    Every Batch is Tested: Our standards are rigorous and thorough. We test every single batch of our herbs and oils through a third-party lab to ensure that the products you receive are the highest quality available, without microbes, pesticides or heavy metals.

    No MOQ: We know that every big company had a small beginning. Hence, We offer even smaller quantities and there is No Minimum Order Quantity requirement. There is no discrimination based on order quantity and every order is handled with utmost care and attention.

    Infrastructure: Our factory is spawning at an area of 64,800 sq ft. We have various accreditations and certifications including FDA, ISO, HACCP, USDA organic, EU organic, Kosher, Halal etc.

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Absolutely - This product is 100% natural and derived from plants. No animal-derived products are used in this, making it the perfect product for vegetarians and vegans.

We hold ourselves to rigorous farming standards - it’s not necessarily cheaper or easier, but it’s what’s right. Majority of our nutrient rich products are grown in our own organic farms under strict USDA guidelines, which enables full control over consistency and quality.

Every Batch is Tested.

Our standards are rigorous and thorough. We test every single batch of our botanicals through a third-party lab to ensure that the products you receive are the highest quality available, without pesticides or heavy metals.

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium are tested for every batch that we produce. We also ensure that our product complies with the California prop 65 regulations for lead content below 0.5 ppm levels.

Absolutely - Yes. All the powders we produce, are processed using steam sterilization method and complies with FDA standards for microbial safety.

Consumption of products containing E.coli & Salmonella may pose health issues like stomach cramps, abdominal pains, nausea, etc. All of our products are 100% free of E.coli & Salmonella.

All of our powders complies with FDA standards for microbial safety.

Total Plate Count - NMT 100,000 cfu/g

Yeast & Mold - NMT 1000 cfu/g

Coliforms - NMT 100 cfu/g

E.Coli - Absent

Salmonella - Absent

Staphylococcus aureus - Absent

Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Absent

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